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Changzhou Yuexin Transmission System Co., Ltd., founded on June 7, 2021, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hunan Nanfang Aerospace Industry Co., Ltd. located in Changzhou National High tech Industrial Development Zone, with a registered capital of 100million yuan, and is a professional enterprise engaged in the design, research, manufacturing and green remanufacture of high-end gear boxes and transmission systems in China. The predecessor of Yuexin transmission is the post market business department of Changzhou Tianshan Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. since 2014, the company has actively responded to the call of national intelligent green remanufacture, invested more than 100million yuan, and has formed the system capacity of gearbox maintenance and remanufacture in various industries with an annual output of more than 200million yuan. By 2021, the company has maintained the wind power generation industry, cement building materials industry, metallurgical steel industry The number of gear boxes in various structural forms in the underground coal mine industry is nearly 2000, and nearly 400 types of gear boxes have been repaired, such as parallel shaft structure, orthogonal shaft structure, planetary structure, planetary + parallel structure, planetary + parallel + orthogonal structure, planetary differential structure, and differential structure with small tooth difference. The accumulated repaired gear boxes save more than 1billion yuan of social resources compared with the new gear boxes.

In order to meet the domestic market demand for the maintenance and remanufacture of high-end gear boxes, transmission systems and large-scale precision gear boxes, at the end of 2020, Nanyang made a strategic layout and decided to establish Changzhou Yuexin Transmission System Co., Ltd. to transfer the high-end gear boxes, transmission systems, maintenance and remanufacture business of Tianshan heavy industry to Yuexin transmission and continue to invest, forming the group's R & D and assembly base in Changzhou.

At present, Yuexin transmission has achieved resource sharing, coordinated development and strong alliance with its brother units Changzhou Tianshan Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. and Nanfang Yuhang high precision transmission Co., Ltd. in terms of products, technology, equipment and management. At present, the company has rich resources, strong technical force, sophisticated equipment, advanced technology, scientific management and refined team. The company has professional reverse engineering technology for gear box remanufacture and reliable parts repair technology. It has more than 6000 square meters of workshops with professional cleaning, disassembly, assembly, general assembly, testing and other conditions. It has rich remanufacture experience in nearly 500 types of gear boxes and thousands of sets of gear boxes, as well as the strength in fault diagnosis, failure analysis, optimization and improvement of remanufactured gear boxes.

Changzhou Yuexin Transmission System Co., Ltd. relies on the gear processing supporting capacity of Tianshan heavy industry and the professional technology of high precision transmission Research Institute in the wind power gearbox industry, closely follows a series of national strategies and policies such as made in China 2025, green manufacturing project implementation guide (2016-2020), high-end intelligent remanufacture action plan (2018-2020), focuses on the high-end intelligent manufacturing field, and creates value for customers, It is our duty to save resources for the society, continue technological innovation, and aspire to become a benchmark demonstration enterprise for high-end gearbox and green intelligent remanufacture.

RMB 100million    /  registered capital  100 million RMB registered capital

More than 500  /  Analysis of gearbox、diagnosis、Rebuild strength

                 Rich experience from more than

                 500 types of various structures

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