Application Area

R & D capability

Optimization technology of scientific system

The company has multi-disciplinary technical experts of gear boxes, who carry out failure analysis after the disassembly of faulty gear boxes from customers to the factory, improve the faults of the original old machines from the source of repair technical solutions, and carry out systematic and scientific gear box repair and optimization from the aspects of material lifting, penetration position and layer depth lifting, sealing optimization, assembly bearing clearance optimization, stress concentration reduction, lubrication optimization, structural optimization, etc, Eliminate the original defects of the old machine and greatly improve the service life.

Rapid repair delivery

The company is well aware of the importance of rapid delivery to customers, and has established a green channel mechanism for manufacturing and repair within the company to achieve the whole process control of the gearbox and ensure the delivery time requirements; Meanwhile, spare machines and spare parts are reserved for general models in the industry, and the repair and delivery time of some gearboxes is reduced by more than half.

High quality gear manufacturing

Most of the gear parts involved in the repair of the gearbox are produced by the whole process flow of Tianshan heavy industry, an internal enterprise of the company group, effectively ensuring the internal organization and external precision quality of the newly manufactured gear.

Quality assurance

The company uses the viewpoint and method of total quality management to find out problems in operation, continuously improve, realize full participation, and provide reliable products and services for customers.

Fast and effective after-sales service

The company has a professional service team to provide you with a full range of technical consultation on the gearbox. Regular inspection and procedural service have become the standard process of after-sales service to ensure the best use of the gearbox. The service scope is all over the country to deal with various emergency repairs, condition monitoring and analysis diagnosis and preventive maintenance, with a 24-hour response speed.

Rich experience

The company has repaired nearly 500 types of gear boxes in wind power, cement, metallurgy, coal mining and other industries, accumulated rich experience in gear box repair and optimization, and is fully capable of manufacturing and repairing various types of gears at home and abroad in many fields.

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